Saturday, December 4, 2010


Ive been trying not to forget to buy myself a vintage beach umbrella the last few weeks but only just got around to having a look for one. Its proving to be quite difficult. It seems that i have a certain wishlist for one umbrella in particular. Why i dont know.
I found these lovely pictures and now i really cant wait to get my hands on the perfect one.
I would like it to be a decent size so that i dont have to move for a long period of time. I love laying in the one spot in the shade for more the 20 minutes :) i also would like it to be a pretty pastel colour maybe with a cute pattern aswell... am i asking to much?
If anyone has a suggestion of where in the world i could find an amazing vintage umbrella please let me know. Summer is finally here and i am craving a bbq on the beach lazing on the sand and playing beach volley ball.

Onto other news now i have been busy working on a new collection which should be out within days.
This collection is full off high waisted shorts/skirts and skirt suits with pretty matching tops with shoulder pads and cute pattern detail. I will be having dresses this time but you may still be seeing my european collection still remaining. These dresses are STUNNING and my office has been my walkin wardrobe for a few weeks now. I have been receiving so many complements and lots of interest, so if you want to purchase one or you find one and want to buy it now please dont hesitate to contact me via email - facebook or leaving me a comment here. Christmas is only weeks away and a dress for your vintage loving friend or sister could be the perfect gift <3


Lé Vici said...

Nice blog!

Anna said...

these are great. that ad is awesome! thanks for posting