Thursday, November 24, 2011

my 1958 wedding dress

One Monday about 12 weeks before our wedding a lady came into our vintage shop with photos of her mothers wedding dress which was made by her grandmother in 1958. That she also wore in 86.
The photos where beautiful and i said that i would try to sell it for her, she proceeded to tell me that she didn't have a daughter to pass it onto and that she would like for someone to enjoy the dress her mother and herself got married in all those years ago. I couldn't have agreed more.
Not thinking much of it until the next Monday the lady came back into the shop to my surprise. (We get endless amounts of people telling us they'll bring things in but never do)
I opened the box.
"ITS PINK!" I said quickly which she replied "yes it is didn't i tell you?" I was like "um no you didn't- pinks my favourite colour!"
I tried it on and I could have died of happiness. It's pink, lacy,cute little cap sleeves, pearl beading and an amazing train. Everything i had been looking for...
Later that day when i showed my mum and sister we all agreed it was "the one".


wardrobe_mistress said...

Very pretty!!! I adore vintage wedding dresses. One of a kind.

Brooke said...

It is SO amazing! And obviously meant to be if it fit you too!!
Lucky you, a lot of people search high and low for their perfect wedding dress and then pay thousands for it, yours came to you and it's got a beautiful history to it as well.