Friday, June 7, 2013

Bait Footwear

The shoe shop of my dreams is now my woken reality.
Bait footwear (Becomes Another Innocent Tale)
Living in a small town where the local pub is about the only place my friends and I can be bothered to go to, picking the right shoe is something most of the people who go to the pub don't think twice about. Me on the other hand, I have already realised I'm probably going to be the overdressed one like every other day in my life. Not because I want to stand out,quite the opposite actually. I want to blend in but still wear the clothes I love. Its a hard position to be in.
Dressing nicely but not wanting to be noticed.
 Weird I know.
Most of the time when trying to decide which pair to wear, I spend a while clonking around the house in 2 different shoes,each leg at different lengths, looking at them at all possible angles and picking the ones I do purely because of how they make me feel but mostly on how much longer they make my poor little legs look.

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