Thursday, May 2, 2013

Brighton Huts

Last week we went to Melbourne for the first time. Its my birthday on the 27th and we planned to escape the fuss of having to tell people what i want for my birthday and awkward phone calls.

We actually drove from NSW and it ended up taking longer then expected, like 12 hours. Although, i was with good company. Sam and I love to play silly games like making up song lyrics,we google weird things and Sam loves to drive like a race car driver just to scare me/make me laugh. Which means endless hours of me whinging for him to slow down and stop "apexing" around corners.

My highlight, which to others might seem quite boring was going to the Brighton Beach huts 10 minutes from where we stayed in St Kilda. Even getting sand it my shoes was exciting! Well not really..
We walked,skipped and jumped around taking snaps of each other and a lovely lady who was not very talented took the last picture of us kissing which unfortunately turned out blurry. Wheres Sacco from Evoke images when you need him!?

Apart from the huts we had a kind of 'Hangover' the movie kind of night on ANZAC day. At one point in the night we had met a guy in the navy, his weird cousin with a beard, a lesbian, two gay guys and an Italian man named Luigi. His fathers name was Mario ironically! It was such a crazy unplanned night and we made some good friends which were so lovely and a lot of fun.

We'll be going back again one day for sure.