Thursday, January 27, 2011


How was every ones Australia Day? Mine was perfection. When I got up it looked as though it was going to rain all day but it was still very muggy, by 12pm the bay was mystical like Ive never seen it before. I had a mad set up on the beach and Sam and I packed for what seemed to be a whole week. But luckily there were some hungry mouths willing to help us eat our fresh prawns,cheese plate and cream and strawberry filled lattice biscuits I made. They were a definite hit with everyone. Thanks to my beautiful grandma for passing on the recipe to me which I will pass down from generation to generation and anyone else who wants it. Such a simple recipe and very delicious xx

How fun are these denim shorts? I even enjoy making them. All of these plus many more are available from tonight with the starting prices as low as $20.00.
Be sure to get in quick because they wont last long.
Sizes range from 6-14 so no-one misses out :)

Friday, January 21, 2011


After a little sleep in this morning and felling very sore from going to the gym all week i stepped outside my bedroom to see what a glorious day it was. So that's when i decided to quickly wash my hair, paint the barn (as my father calls it) and drag my photographer mother out to take pictures in some really nice clothing Ive been collecting in the past few weeks.
Wow are we lucky to have such amazingly stunning surroundings living in Jervis bay. I wanted to capture the beauty of a place called Hole In The Wall but to my surprise there was the highest tide Ive seen this year. Usually i pray for those tides but that was ridiculous. We couldn't make it to Hole In The Wall so here are a few pictures with it in the backdrop.

I have also been a very busy bee making more customised denim shorts and here is a few for you to have a sneaky little peaky :)

All clothing seen will be available by next week. Including 15 pairs of customised denim cut off high waisted shorts pleated,tie dyed and black velvet maxi skirts, 70's inspired high waisted pants and faux fur coats.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The past few weeks ive been dreaming of moving into the house we just bought, we drove past it last night after dinner at the inlaws and Sam said to me that it doesnt seem real and i couldnt agree more. I think it feels like we are just going to move in to a rental as we have been so used to in the past. Having to ask permission to even put a hook in the wall! Sam said we'll know its our when he puts a huge hole in the wall which i cant wait to see.
Anyway i have an idea in my mind of what sort of interior i like and yep you guessed it VINTAGE/RETRO!
Sams not totally convinced but he has like a few thing ive showed him on our holidays over christmas when he and i went op shopping. He even like the lamp with floral/tassles and lace!
It has been fun shopping with him to see what style he likes. Hes a carpenter you see so if we find a nice wooden table or book case he can see the potential in it were as i like picking out the cute clocks lamps and old school chairs and stools.
I cant wait to see the things we can collect and fill our first house up with character and make it feel as homey as possible.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year

A huge change is happening, starting with my idea of what is a good new years eve. I have to say having a quiet relaxing night on Sam's dads boat was the perfect way to ring in the new year. No crowds, no noise just peace and serenity with the one you love most. Triple j playing in the back ground, casting out a line and sipping a cold drink while the sun slowly sets. Perfection.

It was also the perfect opportunity to take a few last snaps of a Claire Louise vintage dress and some stunning floral wedges for 2010. I hope you like :)

I cant tell you how happy i am to know that we are now 2 days into the best year of my life to come.

1.Sam and i get to live together for the first time in 6 and a half years in a house we just bought... so many ideas of what to do with the place.
2.Recon trip to Byron Bay to see possible wedding venues and reception.
3.Turning 24 (not sure if I'm very happy about this one!!)
4.My sister having her first baby and the first grandchild in our family.
5.Working my absolute but off to get my business running at the best of my ability.
6.The most exciting and best day of my life will be getting married to the love of my life and my best friend Sammy <3

I'm hoping you all have great plans for this year in your life where ever you may be in the world.