Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The past few weeks ive been dreaming of moving into the house we just bought, we drove past it last night after dinner at the inlaws and Sam said to me that it doesnt seem real and i couldnt agree more. I think it feels like we are just going to move in to a rental as we have been so used to in the past. Having to ask permission to even put a hook in the wall! Sam said we'll know its our when he puts a huge hole in the wall which i cant wait to see.
Anyway i have an idea in my mind of what sort of interior i like and yep you guessed it VINTAGE/RETRO!
Sams not totally convinced but he has like a few thing ive showed him on our holidays over christmas when he and i went op shopping. He even like the lamp with floral/tassles and lace!
It has been fun shopping with him to see what style he likes. Hes a carpenter you see so if we find a nice wooden table or book case he can see the potential in it were as i like picking out the cute clocks lamps and old school chairs and stools.
I cant wait to see the things we can collect and fill our first house up with character and make it feel as homey as possible.

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