Friday, January 21, 2011


After a little sleep in this morning and felling very sore from going to the gym all week i stepped outside my bedroom to see what a glorious day it was. So that's when i decided to quickly wash my hair, paint the barn (as my father calls it) and drag my photographer mother out to take pictures in some really nice clothing Ive been collecting in the past few weeks.
Wow are we lucky to have such amazingly stunning surroundings living in Jervis bay. I wanted to capture the beauty of a place called Hole In The Wall but to my surprise there was the highest tide Ive seen this year. Usually i pray for those tides but that was ridiculous. We couldn't make it to Hole In The Wall so here are a few pictures with it in the backdrop.

I have also been a very busy bee making more customised denim shorts and here is a few for you to have a sneaky little peaky :)

All clothing seen will be available by next week. Including 15 pairs of customised denim cut off high waisted shorts pleated,tie dyed and black velvet maxi skirts, 70's inspired high waisted pants and faux fur coats.

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