Thursday, January 27, 2011


How was every ones Australia Day? Mine was perfection. When I got up it looked as though it was going to rain all day but it was still very muggy, by 12pm the bay was mystical like Ive never seen it before. I had a mad set up on the beach and Sam and I packed for what seemed to be a whole week. But luckily there were some hungry mouths willing to help us eat our fresh prawns,cheese plate and cream and strawberry filled lattice biscuits I made. They were a definite hit with everyone. Thanks to my beautiful grandma for passing on the recipe to me which I will pass down from generation to generation and anyone else who wants it. Such a simple recipe and very delicious xx

How fun are these denim shorts? I even enjoy making them. All of these plus many more are available from tonight with the starting prices as low as $20.00.
Be sure to get in quick because they wont last long.
Sizes range from 6-14 so no-one misses out :)


O'STYLE said...

Cool! I specially love the last one!

Hannah said...

wow, now these are some cool shorts. my favourite is the 4th one down, with the lace, they are super delightful.
i think this is such a cool idea to re invent an old pair of high waisted shorts plus it adds to the vintageness of them (is vintageness even a word? haha)

check out my blog and feel free to follow :)

l i s a z h a n g said...

they are adorable!
i just checked ur lilstings, unfortunately the sizes don't fit me. =(
lovely blog btw
following now!

Claire Louise said...

Thanks gorgeous girls for the comments and i'll be sure to check out your blogs too, as i am also quite new to blogging myself its always fun and interseting finding new pages.

Hannah: Im not sure if vintageness is a word but it should be because ive used it before :)

Lisa: what size are you? I can keep an eye out for your size in the future, not a problem.

Ostyle: thanks for the following, loving your blog. Those shorts are my fav too,the material is beautiful.