Thursday, May 26, 2011

Autumn Leaves

Orange, yellow, red and all the variations in between these autumn leaves makes this photo shoot one of my favorites of this year. Ive been trying desperately to find the perfect day when i had the spare time, today was that day.
We headed off on a op shopping adventure which is fastly becoming a regular thing on my weekly schedule, i know I'm a regular when the older folk know me by my first name.
I'm slowly collecting some beautiful pieces for around the house, or as Sam calls it - hoarding!
He is way to stubborn to admit how amazing every piece i manage to bring home is, i think because it was my idea?
Along with many cute furniture pieces i hunt down Ive also started a collection of autumn inspired blazers, all of which seem to get thrown into my wardrobe! But why not, these days you couldn't buy a blazer in retail shop for less then $100. That's where i come in. Blazers and knits are soon to be regulars on my eBay store in the next few weeks so be sure to check it out and be assured nothing is over $30.00.

Dont you just love these last pictures? They remind me of my Sara Moon i have hanging on my wall here at my house.
Hope your all having a wonderful last week of autumn in Aus and if your next season is summer - enjoy :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Missing Summer

This cold snap today has made me want to re-live the summer that has past. It is almost a year since i started Claire Louise Vintage so it was my first summer, a very memorable one.
I just collected some beautiful knits, cardi's, maxi skirts and high waisted pants. All that will be available on eBay very soon, I just have a few loose ends I need to tie to make the relaunch perfect.
Finding the time between working at the vintage shop , planning my wedding and looking at furthering my development on eBay is proving to be a very hard juggle, a juggle I plan to master over the next few months...