Wednesday, December 1, 2010


A few days ago i caught up with an old friend whom i used to go to school with. Not only back then did we have similar interest but it turns out after not seeing or rarely speaking to each other, 6-7 later we have even more in common.
Her name is Stacey Short and she is the driving force behind Rollergirl Promotions.
She happily accepted my offer of featuring on my blog and here is what was said.

'Rollergirls is a fun, unique and exciting way to promote your next function, let the rollergirls do the work while your guest enjoy the experience.'

When did you strap on your first pair of skates?
When I was 3 my mum took me to Taren Point Roller Skating Rink. They use to have classes for mothers and children.After we did the chicken dance on skates I was hooked.

Have you been skating regularly since you were 3 and do you skate competitively?
My dad started taking me to skating lessons 2-3 times a week once I was good enough I did skate competitively at a State and National Level. I don’t do competitions anymore I stopped when I was 17. I now teach skating twice a week plus rollergirl gigs so I do skate on a regular basis. I am going to start skating competitively again next year. So wish me luck!

Where did you come up with the idea Rollergirl Promotions?
My friend Tim Poulton wanted girls on roller skate to serve drinks at Purple Sneakers after the positive response from that gig i realised this is actually something that could work so I started up the business. It’s been a fun journey so far.

Are you running the business on your own or do you get help?
I am the sole owner but I do have one major helper Rebecca Cooper we use to skate in competitions together.. She is in Canada at the moment till mid next year and it has been harder without her. My friends and family have also been very supportive of the idea and have helped me along the way.

Why did you incorporate vintage clothing into your business?
When i think about rollerskating I think vintage. Skating was huge in the 1950,60,70 and 80’s. All great vintage clothing eras. Rollergirl is very versatile with costumes and we love getting into a theme. It gives it that little bit of something extra to the skating and its fun. The 1950’s Carhop girls as pictured were great and give that unique twist on table service.

Why do you love vintage?
You never know what you're going to find. The pieces are always one off’s so you can make your outfit your own.

Do you get your costumes made or buy them from a retailer?
I buy most of them from America and Ebay. My Nan helps me make anything extra if needed.

You've travelled to America did you find any costumes whilst holiday?
I found a few items from vintage shops in Brooklyn and many retails in New York and Las Vegas. America has a great selection when it comes to Vintage fashion and Costumes

What would you say if someone wanted to try out working for you, is it easy or difficult?
Its not as easy as it looks but with practice you can do it, it’s not something that happens over night. I suggest you get lessons and practice at least twice a week.

What advise would you give to people starting there own business?
Love what you do, Have passion and motivation, do your homework write a Business plan. Understand your business, your competitors, the cycles, and the industry. Believe in your product and have fun with it.

What are you plans for Rollergirl Promotions in the future?
Obviously I want to get more gigs. Film clips would be something that I would love to break into. I am open to ideas. I also want to help the sport grow again and more rinks to open like the old days. There is an old Rink closed down a Petersham and whenever I drive past I always think if I won the lotto i would re open that rink. One can only dream.

For more infomation you can follow this link to
Rollergirl Promotions Website. "Like" Rollergirl Promotions on Facebook. You can even learn to rollerskate :)

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Stephen said...

Excellent to see someome following their passion and Dreams..You Go Girl..xx