Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back to the Future

I found some old pictures when searching for documents under my bed.. covered in dust.I am only 5 in these pictures but my mum thinks i still look the same!I remember having them taken at a friends place across the road where we lived. It was scary at the time but it turned out to be pretty fun. My first ever photo shoot :) I love the close up at the top of this page. Which one do you like?

I know i should be constantly blogging about vintage but its nice just to write about something different for a change - plus its my blog right? i can write whatever i like?

I have been doing alot of thinking lately about whats next for Claire Louise Vintage and i have got a few good ideas. I just need to make a plan of action.Whether i decide to do markets... put my clothing in a store somewhere or even just in my spare room at home (if we ever get approved for a home loan!!) Ive been pleasantly surprised about the reactions I've been getting from the locals in Jervis Bay who keep telling me they like or love what I'm wearing. so i decided to invite anyone who said they want to come and have a look at the pile of vintage i have in my sewing room/office/looks like a bomb went off room haha, its as tidy as can be with make shift clothes rack because my crappy k-mart racks broke because the clothes are to heavy... what a crock! What kind of clothes rack cant hold clothes??

Those of you whom don't know me very well i also run another business. I used to be a beauty therapist when i lived in Queensland (wishing i started CLV up there) i started my mobile spray tanning business. It is now called, funnily enough Jervis Bay Tanning.I'm very motivated and excited about working for myself. Not just for CLV but for JB tanning as well. That's why i love summer because your always out on weekends with bronzed bodies all around, laying about in the sun, going out for coffee and lunch with my favourites and generally having a ball. After all we are here for a good time , not a long time right?

Onto business now. I know it seems like I'm always updating my status's on Facebook about when listing are going on and when listing are ending but its my only way of advertising to my customers and fans.I use twitter as well, its fun to see what random things people get up to during there days... and obviously how bored they are updating there stats every hour of the day.

Here are a few pics of the European vintage i now have available on eBay and the starting prices are from $40.00. Very cheap in my eyes girls so if you are stuck trying to find something to wear to a garden party, a BBQ or a night out on the town you will defiantly turn heads wearing one of these beauties, trust me Ive done it.
If anyone would like to leave me a comment on there thoughts of what they'd like to see in the future you can email me via or simply leave me comment :)


Cee said...

This post has absolutely inspired me to visit your vintage store, I love this selection of dresses, especially the fifth and eighth. So simple and chic :) I've been looking to start wearing more vintage and knowing so many bloggers sell vintage clothes makes it even easier. I'm following- can't wait to see what other lvoely things you find :)

Vintage Mavens said...

So cute! I love finding other vintage sellers :) Thanks for visiting my blog! I'll definitely be checking back in to see what perfect garments you're selling and to take a peek at your inspiration posts! xo