Friday, November 19, 2010

Classic Beauty

Today after seeking some inspiration i came across some stunning pictures of who is said to have been "the most beautiful women of all time" - Audrey Hepburn.
I must admit i cant argue this claim, just look at the grace and beauty in her photographs :)
Even by looking at the pictures you can see the down to earth side to her and the delicateness she exudes. Something you don't see much these days.
I found an article that showed that like me her star sign in Taurus and here is what was described..

With your natural character, you are enough to be liked by the surroundings. Also on business, you master the skill speedy with your good sense. You can acquire the trust because of your good behavior to grow up. Don't be swayed too much by the thought of immediate gain. And make an action with an eye to what will come. Since you are a natural wise person, with getting the favor of a lot of people, you can be successful.

To look the inside of your affable attitude, you are quite proud. And if you disgrace yourself, you are shocked in terrible. As you are unyielding and make yourself look as big as possible. In the close relation of, you give full play to your natural humor, your personality of affable appears. You are so unyielding that once you begin to do the thing, you never throw it away. You are a person who persistently make efforts to carry it out. Once you get an inspiration, you head-on toward your goal without any cautions. Do attention, not to be deceived.

I found while reading this, it has a lot of my personality traits and even though it isn't the best written piece it shows me that not only are we all human but we all have our own quirky way of making our way in this life.

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Cee said...

I adore Audrey Hepburn, and this is such a lovely selection of photos of her. The shot of her in the grocery store with the deer has always been one of my favourites :)

Claire Louise Vintage said...

Its my favourite too. Isnt she lovely! I also love the one where shes hugging the donkey. It tells me she is a aminal lover and animal lovers usually are very kind hearted people.
Claire xx