Thursday, June 9, 2011

Winter Warmers

These wooly winter cardigans and jumpers are going up in store on ebay tonight from 8pm for only 5 days. You could be wearing one of these beauties by next weekend. We all know how cold its just gotten so dont deprive yourself, check it out here.
Hope you all have a wonderful winter weekend.

Friday, June 3, 2011


Yesterday I gasped like Ive never gasped before. My regular op shop I make sure i go to every week has really delivered. I never know what I'm going to stumble across and that maybe the reason why i love it so much.
I do my usual walk around the furniture section, most of the time concentrating on the chairs THEN i turned to see this AMAZING green velour tufted reclining(at least i think its called a recliner) chaise IN ALL ITS GLORY! (sorry i am still excited 24hours on.) After establishing this chair wasn't sold because there was no sticker off i went stalking the manager whilst he served another customer. Getting his attention i told him "it doesn't have a price" without mentioning anything he said "it must be the green chair"? I laughed and said "of course it is"!!! He told me the price and i instantly said yes... cos i didnt care. I didnt care how much, i didnt care how heavy or comfortable it was, i also didnt care if Sam didnt like it, i just had to have it!

After paying for it i had to wait for my parents to come with there ute. I sat and played on my phone while watching everyone who walked past MY chair, touch it, sit on it and even let there kids play with the buttons!! Needless to say it tested my patience.

So here it is below, I'm my living room which is slowly becoming a museum of pretty and unique items i find on my weekly expeditions.(dont mind the unsanded floor boards.)
I also threw in a photo of a little project Sam and i did. A 70's low lying cabinet which we painted and covered the draws with calico material. We have had many request by family and friends to make one for them.
Hope you love :)