Tuesday, February 1, 2011

early morning sunlight

Happy February!

And what a nice morning it is. I have loaded up some pictures for you to see that shows a little insight into what I do almost every day during summer and how cute my dog cooper is. He is his happiest at the beach and why not the beach was shimmering and magical this morning.

It would have to be some of the hottest days we've had this summer so far, sleeping in the nude with the window as wide open as possible, early morning swims, icecream on the verandah, sand stuck to your feet,beach hair and warm sunkissed skin.

The only downfall is... these are the days Ive had to pack and TODAY is the day that settlement should be taking place! This is one of the most exciting days of my life so fingers crossed we will be sleeping at our very first house tonight :)))))

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