Thursday, August 19, 2010


A fav dress that a found(pink dress above) that im not to keen on selling but im going to have to let go. I cant get over the amount of things i want to keep... i have totally opened my own eyes to vintage, i think ive found my calling!!!

For some reason everyone has told me the past few weeks that they thought that id be perfect to work within the fashion industry, and i know that ive always loved fashion, but not this much... im so excited about tomorrow and wish that i had started this sooner.

I have just posted 52 items on ebay around 27 of them are new and the rest are items that were'nt sold last time.

I have also been shopping and have started my new collection and the first ever for claire louise vintage, a spring collection... YES thats right spring is back and i cant wait to see what it brings for me and my exciting new venture.

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