Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spring has Sprung

Here are a few pieces that i have posted to show what is to come this spring.

Can you smell it, or is it just me? I woke this morning and after a cuppa was on my way to my mums to organise all the items that needed posting.. and i took a few minutes to stop and smell the roses on what seems to be the beginning of a gorgeous spring.The air feels warmer the sun is beeming and life is.... lovely :)
I thought to myself of what is to come, the beach, bbqs and long sunny days of endless fun with the people i love most. I cannot wait for the first pair of shorts or a beatiful little dress i can wear without stockings or tights eeehhhh.. good bye!
This might sound not so pretty but its back to waxing my legs again OUCH!oh the joys of being female :) But i do enjoy the pleasure of waxing Sams chest... so much pleasure hehe(im mean i know. but what better way to take revenge on all the annoying little things he does to me just to stur me up).
All i can say now is see ya next year winter - i dont look forward to seeing you!

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