Monday, February 7, 2011


I dug up some pictures taken months ago because i fell in love with this dress and the day we did this photo shoot it started with difficulty but ended with great results. I would have loved to have kept this dress but Ive heard the lady who bought it got many complements and that's all I could ask for. There is nothing better then knowing pre-loved vintage can be admired and loved again.


Giselle said...

Such a great setting and lovely vintage ;)

Vintage Mavens said...

you are so pretty! love the outfit! xo

sofie said...

<3 this layout hey the pic at very tip is amazing :) hope all is going well xx

Christine @ Fanciful Vision said...

Beautiful photos! You're so pretty and I love the dress!

Great blog as well, I'm following now! :) x

Caroline Alice said...

so pretty! great blog! following now! ive just started a thrift blog - would be great if you could follow bk! xcx

Anonymous said...

That would be fun:D
A swing at the beach.
So relaxing
And such a beautiful dress:)