Thursday, March 17, 2011


I couldn't help myself by taking some memorable photos of this to die for faux fur trench and what better way to do that in a pretty pavilion garden on a cloudy day.
I coupled it with this amazing vintage jumpsuit from mint condition in Rozelle Sydney, a pair of nude wedges which i adore, a vintage green waist belt and my leather saddle bag that hasn't left my side since i bought it two weeks from Mickey and Mallory in Nowra.

My mum and I were on our way into get some laybys off when I suggested we go for a spot of wedding dress shopping. It was a bit daunting at first but I was very lucky to have been served be the most beautiful women and they were so helpful. I quickly assured them I wasn't a bridezilla and was extremely open minded which made their life so much easier.

I'm happy to announce we found a dress, its so so so stunning but for some reason(tell me if this is normal) I cant stop thinking maybe I would have found one id like more? Or maybe the tears flowing from my mum eyes tells me it was the perfect dress and no other dress I tried lived up to the one I chose.

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