Thursday, February 2, 2012


Here's just a few of the My Sunday Feeling dress I have available to purchase via my online store at Postage for overseas can be organised by emailing me at Even though summers on its way out these gorgeous dresses look just as nice with stockings and a nice overcoat.

On another note id like to tell you all about my other blog that i started late last year but haven't had time to post about. Its and basically its about an inspirational older women in your family such as your mother, grandmother, nan or aunt. Check it out if your interested in featuring your family member. Its just a little dedication to those women who are the reason we are here today.


Paris said...

I love that dress! The back is so sexy! Thanks for visiting Glitterati and Glamour. I am following you back :)


jas said...

love the red dress!

chibiwow said...

Wow, that was really gorgeous way to flaunt some skin. I'm loving all these style ideas in your blog.
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