Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Anyone noticed i have a slight obsession with pastels lately?
The shop has had a mini face lift and some well need re-arranging. Some vintage european maxi skirts and Japanese blouse on there way here and i'm currently sourcing come vintage poncho's and capes as well as some 50's dresses. ah the life of a vintage shop owner is never over. Lucky for me i have a little trip planned for next weekend. Its one of my best friends hens weekend that I have organised and its still a surprise for her! Shes a very lucky girl ;) A weekend away cant come quick enough!! Maybe some of that pastel rainbow cake would get me through my last few hours of work?! xx


Michael Tornato said...

Pastels are the colors of the season for it only makes sense that you be obsessed with them! In fact, I love pastels! They are too beautiful not to like. I love your pictures. Also, that cake looks so delicious! You have a lovely blog!

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Brooke said...

Why does that cake have to look so good, dont you know I'm a highly impressionable pregnant woman!!
Still loving your instagram feed.