Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Imera in Leopard

One of my good friends Imera looked absolutely gorgeous over the weekend. It was one of my best friends wedding and she came into the store a few weeks ago looking for something to wear. This Bettie Page leopard pencil dress is exactly what she suits and with all the accessories,flawless makeup, hair and tattoo's she in my eyes won the best dressed, apart from the bride of course!
Worn with black stappy wedges which she changed to black flats during the night makes this outfit perfect for that dressy atmosphere but can be turned into a more casual look quite easily.
What would you have like to have seen it with? Would there be anything you would change or like me do you think she nailed this look?


eddieO said...

Looks amazing! Love the red panels and button on the back... too cute! Can you order it online??

Claire Louise Vintage said...

Hey Eddie, how amazing is it!! We have one available at www.clairelouisevintage.com in Large. We can order more if your interested please email me at clairelouisevintage@yahoo.com

Thanks for your comment :)