Thursday, October 4, 2012

Take me back to Paris

                 Laduree Paris is apparently the original macaroon store. I was pretty excited!!
 I quickly snapped a picture before they insisted on 'no photos'! Boo.. is it really going to kill you?
              Consumed under the Arche De Triomphe within minutes. I did share them, promise!

I'm back from my honeymoon/8 week round the world trip and totally depressed and missing many places. One of my favourite places was, you guessed it, Paris. I could never imagined how much i would fall in love with the Eiffel Tower too. I could have stared at that thing for hours more then i already did. Eating baguettes, drinking copious amounts of cosmos and eating macaroons and escargot. Yes Snails!  If we're lucky we'll venture back to Paris again soon.

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