Tuesday, October 5, 2010


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hello lovelys how is everyone today.. ive been unmotivated today after a long weekend of going out for coffee, beers and playing pool with friends so much so ive neglected my sewing duties and decided to read harpars bazaar in the sun and walk my dog along the beach instead.. oops!
But anyway i thought id update my blog after going through others, mine seems a little dull but i guess im new at this and sometimes its hard to find new things to keep others interested.

I was at the style exchange last saturday in sydney and took a snap of my cute little set up, i actually did quite ok if i was to compare myself to others which i wont because i know it was still a little disapointing. I did meet some nice young ladies like Zjarie Butterworth from Zarbe, who i might add makes all her own clothing and is self taught!!!

Another exciting thing that happened to me was the release of Charlie Magazine check it out im on pages 46 and 47...got to say im very pleased and still cant believe im in an online magazine for fashionable and ideas people.Mostly i was ecited to see other young women like myself who are extremely inspiring and talented, like peaches and cream vintage couture..AMAZING.
If i had one regret about living on the gold coast it is that i didnt give beauty therapy the flick and start CLV sooner.

HERE you can have a look at collection number 3 available on ebay right now, i want to keep them all so hurry up and buy them off me before my wardrobe bursts :)

Im going to finish off my post today by telling you my dear friend bianca(pa5) has moved to cairns today and im going to miss her popping around and sorting out the shit i have laying around my house!! I LUB YOU BINK :)

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