Thursday, October 7, 2010


ah spring, im aware you already know i have a crush on you but who wouldnt?
the most perfect day was last sunday, after having breakfast and tea at supply with my fiance sam and friends sab and shaun we decided to take our beloved hounds for a walk, or in poo's case a swim with a log! do you think the size bothered him...nothin bothers my dog when it comes to fetch its quite hilarious and disgusting at times ;).

If you have found my blog its possible you have come across my ebay store and face book page. Id actually like to introduce myself. Im claire, a 23 year old lover of vintage,extremly honest, caring and a bit of a girly girl.I am happily living in the stunning town called Jervis Bay(pronounced with a E if your wondering!!)

Im going to try my hardest to bring you the most beautiful and exquiste vintage clothing i can manage to find. Im sure we will be great friends.If you have any questions or just want to say hey, you can contact me through my email :)


ZarBe said...

I have a crush on spring too!
These photos are wonderful. I'm very envious of that beautiful beach.
I would love to travel up to QLD hopefully.. catch up for coffee when I do?

P.s Your puppy is gorgeous!

CLV said...

Spring is my favourite season for sure :)

I know we were so blessed with the weather that day too, magical... its on the south coast of NSW, i used to live on the gold coast but moved back a year ago.

If your ever around let me know we should catch up xx