Friday, October 8, 2010


Who knows what side of the bed i got out of this morning but i was feeling unusual, happy that its the weekend and just wanting to get all the photos taken for this weeks collection.
I wanted a hat, so i went searching. Close buy my house are two very small op shops and heres the thing-when im not looking for a hat i see heaps and when i am looking i find NOTHING! so spewing :(
Anyway i dropped in to my future inlaws place(by the way sam and i have set a date for our wedding finally)and told anne my beautiful hippy mother inlaw to be that i was looking for a hat but couldnt find one. So i walked out of her house with 4 hats and a huge smile on my dile... the catch is i have to show them the pictures which i fine cos i love the attention and they love seeing what i do at work hehe :)(if you could call it work).

SO i have some pictures here and i hope you like them... comment if you do and even if you dont i dont care...i told you i was in a mood today! a good mood i promise.

In these photos in wearing a 100% silk vintage jacket from america(available in the next collection),black wish skirt,spotted tights and my fav fuschia heels.

I think im just a tad excited its sams birthday on monday and i have THE BEST present ever for him, im giving it to him tomorrow so its a secret now but you'll see some pictures on my blog in the next few days, i cant wait to see his face. By the way he's turning 25 the old man he is hahaha still as cute as when we started dating 6 and a half years ago ;) Im going to put up a pic of us actually- Im 15 and Sam is 16,nearly 17.Yes if your wondring i got a perm in high school- it was the'cool'thing to do.

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ZarBe said...

Love it! Photos are gorgeous!