Sunday, October 10, 2010


Yesterday after a late breakfast i took sam to his surpise birthday present and i must say he is by far the worst person to try to surprise...he get jokingly frustrated and angry and starts saying if i dont tell him what it is he not going(what a stubborn little baby)and continuously asking me is it this? is it that?... ARRRHHHHH!! shutup!Typical Libran but anyway i finally told him when we got to the airport that he was having a flying lesson and to stop him worrying that i was taking him there to sky dive.
After the flight ive never seen him so happy, his beautiful brown eyes where glowing and he was shaking like a leaf with adreniline.He said he couldnt begin to describe what it was like or how happy he was and that it was the best present ever.The pilot took off and gave the controls to sam and he flew it for 45 mins and landed it!! I had a choice whether or not to go up but to be honest i hate flying and the size of that plane was ridiculous, but needless to say im stoked it was a success :)He will look so hot in a pilots uniform when he gets his licence :)

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Brooke said...

Wow, that's a friggin' amazing present! Wish I knew someone as genourous as you! *lol