Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My mind

vintage matching suit skirt and top - op shop

vintage pastel blazer-op shop/vintage black leather boots -op shop

vintage high waisted pants-mint condition/ vintage yellow tie-op shop/mink pink top/ vintage akubra hat-courtesy of sams dad!

vintage green and gold puff sleeve top/vintage green high waisted skirt/vintage tie/vintage cadets hat from the 1920s

vintage 50s dress/not so vintage swing that took me a few goes to get over the tree which didnt seem strong enough to hold my weight but it did!!

How do you write a blog? Its a hard question to answer when you havent blogged before in your life. The way i think of it is as a diary, full of thoughts being meaningless or not its an insight into another person life and mind. I use to worry about what people thought of me but nowdays i dont. I guess thats just part of growing up but also exploring your individuality and being yourself, after all your all youve got. I love telling people they truth that way you gain there respect and they trust you. If your not honest all your doing as making it harder for yourself to remember the lie.

The past few weeks i've had so many lovely remarks about what im doing with CLV and the main comment is on all the pictures we take... my mother(whos my rock)and i have alot of fun going on our spare of the moment photo shoots. I usual get up in the morning and say "ok its time to sew". So we sew. The whilst sewing we chat and depending on the weather i say "hang out the washing and ill get ready". "for what"mum says and im like "photos". Then i grab a few dresses and off we go with the camera and maybe a pair of heels.
Im usually the one who makes the decision on were to go considering im going to have lots of blank stares and comments... mainy nice ones though. But like i said before im not to worried about what people think, they'll get over it :) By getting over it i mean walking past while im changing haha *gasp*!
Among many nice things people say to me, one which i find ridiculous is that i should be a model, i know you might be thinking im only telling you this because i think im a model but to be completely honest with you i feel anything but a model... i just want the clothes to look good. I do though, feel flattered considering im not 6 foot tall and stick thin, but im happy with what ive got and would never give up my curves.I love my food to much :)

Anyway over the last couple of days ive been exploring blogs and im getting alot of inspiration and some jealousy(yes ive got green eyes) and so every now and then, like today when ive got a few hours spare between op shopping and the time before my fiance gets home and demands all my attention to write to you... whoever reads this, giving you some insight into my life and my mind.

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