Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Just before receiving a message off my girls to go grab a coffee we took some snaps.
Luckily we didnt have to go far...my front yard!!!Which is a nice change from taking pictures at the beach.
We have this crazy bamboo growing down the driveway and beautiful robinia trees growing out the front with the most stunning lime green leaves.
My sister has arrived home for a while with not one but two kittens...my typical gypsy sister haha <3 you :)

Lately i havent had a chance to go op shopping cos Sam and i are going for a home loan and im just being really tight which isnt out of the ordinary. My sister carly has her way of discribing how tight i am only because she is total opposite... she holds her fist really tightly with her thumb moving up and down(not much at all)calls me a tight arse and says eee eee eee!

Speaking of being tight i just put on layby a cute pair of vintage style swimmers, they are very cute but my exercise regime(lack there of) has kick into full gear! If i want to look half decent in them im goin to have to do millions of squats OUCH!
I'll tell you what i love though the unrealistic swimsuit models in the cataloges... i think im going to have to dunk myself into a bucket of bronzer and blow wave my golden brown hair and sit in the most oddest of ways to look anything like that.

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christie said...

cute clothes & kitty :)