Thursday, November 4, 2010


November has started and the rain hasnt stopped. Its a nice excuse to have plenty of tea and chocolates but not so good when you want to go out and its damp cold and miserable. Pinning ironing and sewing gets done alot faster when its raining, i guess when its sunny out i tend to procastinate about sewing which is just delaying the inevitable.

I have found some great stock of late, ive decided to lower the amount of items i purchase until i get more of a following which is slowly getting there.
Im finding it easier and easier to source stock close to home and i dont think i could be happier, especially when i beat the other owners of op shops to the dress rack, sounds bad but its a dog eat dog world really isnt it.

Im so so so excited that ive been waiting patiently to find some vintage boots and yesterday i found two pairs-one flat pair with red tan and green colours and the other i found are high heels and fit me perfectly! Luckily i didnt have to go on ebay and buy some, i hate the wait.

My Sam and i have been house hunting and ive got some pretty exciting months ahead if all goes to plan, so far so good :) I cant wait to have my own space and office to set up, painting and decorating FUN! Im also loving the fact that the suburb we'll be(hopefully) living in is stumbling distance to my good friends place, and family.
My friend Kirst has already volunteered to come help paint walls, actually she said we can paint out names on the walls which would be fun but not so decorative.

All ebay listings that i have up now are half previous stock half new stock. All previous stock has been discount so get in and have a look... this is the lowest prices ive ever had so dont miss out :) xx

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