Friday, November 5, 2010


While we were shooting our new collection that is due out next week we took some photos with these two vintage hats i found over my few days of op shopping.
Its a shame i didnt find them before melbourne cup day, even though i didnt celebrate by going out all dresses up, instead i visited my friend and her baby, we had a few glasses of wine some cheese, grapes, strawberries and nuts... mmm! I did however on my way to her house while stopping at the bottle shop i got a tip off the ladY who owns it,she recommended i pick Americain, so i called sam 10 minutes before the race and i ended up wining $140.00!! which all went to new stock :) so happy! Im going back to the bottle shop next year and asking what she recommends.

Today when i was blow drying my hair my dad came upstairs and was ratting around inside a cupboard that has my nans(his mothers) old tea cups and pots, they are absolutley gorgeous and i asked him what he was looking for but he didnt answer. When i got down stairs i saw he had them in a box and i said what are you doing with those? he said he was going to give them away!!! Lucky i was here today otherwise i would have looked in the cupboard when we move out and they would have been gone :( He didnt know i wanted to keep them i could tell he was sort of shocked at my persisting of wanting to keep them, one day i would love to put them on display and eventually use them when i have friends over. There is no room upstairs at my parents house and thats the only reason they're in the cupboard.Just like everything else!!

Oh and by the way the tea cups happen to be made in england and china, so if my dad wants to steal them he can try but im sure my nans is watching over us, making sure we keep them in the family for many more years to come :)
My nans a champ she has left us with a sewing machine, gorgeous tea sets and lovely memories oh yeah and my beautiful dad too.

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